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Young Brothers need:
Honest feedback about the challenges they face. Mentors who can help them navigate through life.
Open and frank discussions about values, friends, relationships and sex. Guidance on spirituality, education and the pursuit of happiness. Direction on how to deal with money in a society with a fixation on materialistic things

This book which was motivated by the senseless murder of my young nephew was written to help save other young men. It taps into my personal experiences and exposes my development from youth to manhood. I want young brothers who read this book to know that there is hope beyond the frustrations of growing up in a tough society. I want them to set their expectations high and reach for what they want out of life with every ounce of strength in their bodies and souls. I need them to believe that they can make it. By sharing my own life challenges and battles, they will understand that you can find success in life, no matter where you come you from.

Give It All You Got

ISBN 978-09795732-0-0

As a brother who grew up in a working class Detroit Eastside neighborhood but went on to become an Emmy Award winning television news anchor and reporter in Atlanta, Georgia I know firsthand the road young brothers face. I want to lift them up on my shoulders, so that they can see their direction, feel their passions, understand their destiny and realize their dreams.

I want fathers to read this book and get a truer sense of what their sons need from them. I want mothers to read and then help their sons find the right role models they can emulate. I want mentors to read and then find young brothers to help. I want educators to read and have a better understanding of the plight of my young brothers. I want politicians to read and then write legislation aimed at helping our young brothers and not victimizing them. I want religious leaders to read and craft their messages in a way that can reach the spirituality of the young brothers. I want my young brothers to read and then believe in themselves. I want you to GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT because if you do, YOU WILL MAKE IT

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