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Art Franklin is an author and motivational speaker. He is a two time Emmy Award winning journalist, who spent nearly three decades as an Anchor and Reporter in television and radio news. Art’s reports have spanned the globe. He covered the Persian Gulf War, the 9-11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in the Honduras, overseas assignments in Italy, France, Germany, and Spain, President Clinton’s grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky case, hometown stories about local heroes and communities fighting back against violence.

Art is originally from Detroit, Michigan. His passion to give voice to those who aren’t being heard from in daily newscasts convinced him to become an author. His first book “Give it all you got: A message to my young brothers.” is not his first effort to reach young men in trouble. He has done so in many other ways. Art has developed organizations to help troubled youth. He started and participated in mentoring and tutorial programs. He created a television jobs program that provided jobs and motivation to more than 30-thousand youth in an eight year period. Art was the mayoral appointment to chair a youth commission that evaluated and provided youth programs in the city of Birmingham, AL.

Art has worked as a radio announcer, a radio news director, a production manager, a television news producer, the producer of the NABJ Awards show that aired on B-E-T, and guest journalism instructor at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. He was also the CEO of an Atlanta based Independent Record Company and CEO of a Public Relations Firm with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.

Journalist Art Franklin openly shares his climb from the tough streets of Eastside Detroit to the path of success as a multiple Emmy Award Winning newscaster in Atlanta. Art uses his experience to reach brothers who need guidance and direction. 



     "I can easily identify the people around me who helped shape who I am today. I can tell you that there are several role models or heroes in my life and most of them are within my own family. Each of them gave me something on which I was able to use in building my sense of self. Who I am and what direction in life that I wanted to go. 

     There is none greater than my heroine, my mother. Of all the people that I have interacted with on this Earth, I have met no one wiser or more determined than my mother. She is an extraordinary woman who in her own way reminds me of Mother Theresa because of the many sacrifices that she has made for others. When she moved to Detroit after my father got a job in the auto industry, mother set aside her dreams to become a teacher and concentrated on raising her children and taking care of the home. She never realized her personal ambition. But I try to make sure that our mother understands that she has taught her children much more than all of our teachers combined."

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