Journalist Art Franklin openly shares his climb from the tough streets of Detroit to the path of success as an Emmy Award Winning newscaster in Atlanta. Art uses his experiences to reach young people who need guidance and direction. Many have asked, Why do I always seem to have the same disappointing outcome? What steps do I need to take to be successful? How can I improve my life? The answers to these questions and others are found in this tremendously powerful testimony that was inspired by the senseless murder of Art's nephew. Art believes that with proper direction and honest encouragement that our young men can be successful.

Give it all you got, gives readers hope, purpose, and guidance.

One Atlanta Magazine

Atlanta, GA

I am a 5th grade teacher in Gwinnett County and your words of encouragement and direction are so needed in this community. I plan to talk to the parents and pass the book on to them to help instill their worth on this earth.

Sheryl D. Robinson

Gwinnett, GA

Your book is like food for your soul, rain to an earth that is dry. Thanks, I look forward to passing it on to others that are dear to me. I pray they will find fulfillment in it, as I did.


Atlanta, GA

Finally a brother who really has something meaningful to say to our young brothers about getting their lives right. I applaud you.

Bob Jones

Birmingham, AL

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“Give It All You Got is the perfect combination of personal testimony and motivational advice.”